The Arctic Circle cuts through Nordland and acts as the frontier for the Arctic kingdom of midnight sun and dark months. The Arctic Circle, which crosses Helgeland, marks the border to the Arctic, just as the Antarctic Circle marks the border to Antarctica.

Internationally, the Arctic Circle passes through Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland and Iceland. The Antarctic Circle mainly crosses ocean areas or the outermost edge of the Antarctic continent.

There are two places in Helgeland where you can cross the Arctic Circle – the magical frontier!

The Arctic Circle Monument at Vikingen

The Arctic Circle Monument at Vikingen, north of Tonnes in Rodøy municipality, is a well-known navigational aid for marine traffic along the shipping lane, and is very visible and well lit up. On board the Hurtigruten express boats, Arctic Circle crossings are usually celebrated with baptisms and a visit by King Neptune. If you take the FV17 road (Coastal Route), you will cross the Arctic Circle on board the ferry between Kilboghamn and Jektvik.

The Arctic Circle Monument at Saltfjellet

You can also cross the Arctic Circle at Saltfjellet in Rana municipality, by following the E6 from Mo i Rana for about 80 kilometres (50 miles). You will then come to the Arctic Circle Centre, at 650 metres (2,100 feet) above sea level, which has exhibitions, a souvenir shop and cafeteria. In its cinema, you can watch the multimedia show 'Welcome to the Arctic', which presents fantastic images and music from the Arctic Circle region. The Centre also has its own post office, where all postcards are franked with the Arctic Circle postmark. You can also get your own Arctic Circle certificate.

Trips to the Saltfjellet mountains

The Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park, with its varied and unspoiled nature, provides a wealth of opportunities for outdoor recreation. The Svartisen glacier covers about a fifth of the national park, and is Norway's second biggest glacier. The park also has a unique collection of Sami cultural heritage sites.